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The Government of Canada is seeking applications for projects that will help Canadian seniors use their leadership abilities, skills and experience to continue to make a difference in their communities through the New

Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). NHSP community-based projects help empower seniors to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with others and support communities by increasing their capacity to address local issues.

The call for proposals will close on Friday, July 4, 2014.


The New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) invites eligible organizations to submit proposals to indicate their interest in being part of pilot projects that address seniors’ isolation through building social support networks and resources as well as community interventions, and/or projects that address intergenerational learning.

Eligible Projects

For the purpose of this Call for Proposals (CFP), funding will be provided to successful applicants* to undertake projects with major activities that address an identified need focusing on one of the following project streams:

  • Expanding on the continuum of integrated services for seniors experiencing, and at risk of, social isolation.
  • Supporting social participation through intergenerational learning. These projects could, for example, encourage seniors mentoring others.
  • Early warning/identification within the community of those seniors at risk of social isolation, and determining the existing programs and services which could support them.

Priority consideration may be given to projects:

  • that approach hard-to-reach populations, such as, but not limited to Aboriginal seniors, currently isolated seniors, or those at risk of isolation due to factors such as low-income, homelessness, new immigrants, living alone, living with physical or mental disability, and, seniors providing caregiving;
  • that ensure an appropriate regional distribution of funding across Canada; and
  • that ensure an appropriate distribution of funding across the three (3) project streams listed above.

In addition, each of the following requirements must be met in order for projects to be considered eligible for funding:

  • Projects must be seniors led or inspired.
  • Projects must have a maximum duration of 24 months and all activities must be completed and results be achieved within this time period.
  • The total amount of funding requested from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), formerly Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, must be between $50,000 and $100,000 over the life of the agreement.
  • Cash contributions equal to or greater than 50% of the ESDC contribution must be provided through other sources than the federal government.
    • Applicants must provide letters of support from contributing partners with their application, confirming the amount of the cash contribution, the fact that the cash contribution will be provided at the beginning of the project period, and that it will be directly applied to project costs.
  • All applications must include an evaluation plan and a sustainability plan, as per the requirements set out in this document.
  • Projects cannot support on-going or core organizational costs, nor projects that primarily deal with health interventions.

Note to organizations located and operating in QuebecThis CFP was the subject of discussions with the Secrétariat aux aînés du Québec (SA), as provided for under the terms of the Canada-Quebec Protocol.

Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients include:

  • Not-for-profit organizations;
  • Coalitions, networks and ad hoc committees;
  • For-profit organizations;
  • Municipal governments;
  • Research organizations and institutes;
  • Educational institutions (i.e. universities, colleges, CÉGEPs, school boards/school districts)*;
  • Public health and social services institutions*; and
  • Aboriginal organizations (including band councils, tribal councils and self-government entities)
    * Provincially/territorially funded institutions are eligible with the agreement of the provincial/territorial government.

For the purposes of this CFP, applicants must demonstrate the following in order for their project to be considered eligible for funding:

  • Have managed at least $25,000 in federal grant or contribution funding within the past five years and include references to that effect as part of their proposals.
  • Have proven experience of working collaboratively with other community partners.
    • Recipients must submit at least one letter of reference to that effect.
  • Have demonstrated financial and organizational stability (See Additional Documents Required).

Eligible Costs

For the purposes of this CFP, the following costs are eligible for funding (please note that all eligible costs are subject to assessment and negotiation):

  • wages and mandatory employment related costs (MERCS) for project staff;
  • professional fees;
  • evaluation costs (e.g. surveys);
  • hospitality;
  • participant costs (e.g. security checks for volunteers);
  • printing, advertising, distribution and other communication costs;
  • travel costs within Canada;
  • rental, repair, renovation and/or maintenance of facilities;
  • purchase and/or rental of equipment, materials and supplies;
  • shipping costs for equipment, materials or supplies;
  • other costs necessary to support the purpose of the funding as approved by ESDC;
  • capital assets required to complete the project (must not exceed $25,000); and
  • any applicable taxes (that are not subject to rebate through the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). For more information on taxes, please visit the CRA website:

Please note that general operating costs of your organization that are not specifically related to your planned project are not eligible for the purpose of this CFP (e.g. regular telephone and heating costs, rent, utilities, property taxes, insurance, equipment for staff, audit costs, etc.).

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